Attractive Thread Patterns –
on Apricot/Jelly

Junior Twist Tabletop Conveyor Glazer

Compact Technology –
Easy Handling

Junior Tabletop Conveyor Glazer

Craftman’s Quality –
Perfect for medium-sized bakeries
Professional Conveyor Glazer

Craftman’s Quality –
Perfect for medium-sized bakeries
Professional Conveyor Glazer

Attractive Finishing –
One-man Operation
Professional Duo Circulation Glazing Station

Precise Cuts –
Compact Technology
Mini CakeSlicer Cutting Station


Icing / Glazing

  • Transparent up to full coating
  • Controlled temperature
  • No pouring / dripping

Chocolate Coating

  • Even chocolate coating
  • Replace manual work
  • Avoid drip loss

Couverture Coating

  • Decorating – accurate to the gram
  • No dripping
  • Replace manual work

Spinning / Thread Patterns

  • Adjust accurately
  • Reduced materials usage
  • Innovative promotional products

Special / Curved Patterns

  • High quality finishing
  • Easiest handling
  • Save unique selling proposition

Sheet Cake Glazing

  • Automatic
  • 1 or 2-man-operation
  • Absolutely even

Blowing down Excess Material

  • Butter and chocolate
  • Economical working
  • For Professional series


  • Cycle time approx. 15 sec.
  • All products
  • Highest operational safety


Junior Tabletop Conveyor Glazer

Compact Technology –
Best Results

Junior Tabletop Conveyor Glazer + Twist

Low Investment –
Attractive Patterns

Professional Fondant Conveyor Glazer

Confectioner’s Quality –
High Output

Professional Schoko Conveyor Glazer

Confectioner’s Quality –
High Output

Professional Duo Conveyor Glazer

Attractive Finishing –
One-man Operation

Mini CakeSlicer

Precise Cuts –
Compact Technology

Individual Solutions and Consulting

Competent on-site Consulting –
Constructions made for Bakeries


Wide Choice –
Perfectly adapted to NBS Equipment


Bäcker Görtz

Dank der Junior können wir unsere Berliner deutlich effizienter und auch gleichmäßiger überziehen!

Backhaus Schröer

Wir verwenden die Mini Quickschnitt, weil wir dadurch jeden Tag wertvolle Arbeitszeit einsparen und immer ein gleichbleibendes Schnittergebnis bekommen.

Stadtbäckerei Engelbrecht

Durch die kompakte Bauweise nimmt die Professional Duo sehr wenig Platz in der Produktion ein und hat trotzdem eine gute Stundenleistung mit einem sehr gleichmäßigen Glasurergebnis.

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About us

Neue Backtechnik Schumann

Compact. Intelligent. Solid.

NBS is the specialist for compact, intelligent, and solid pastry finishing for medium-sized bakeries. NBS closes the gap between traditional craft and expensive industrial machines with large footprints. All applications are made directly by NBS.

Your Benefits

About us

Neue Backtechnik Schumann

Compact. Intelligent. Solid.


Fitting in any bakehouse

No matter if it is the tabletop conveyor glazer, the efficient finishing-street for a one-man company or the practical cutting station: All solutions from NBS are made for small and medium-sized bakery enterprises. They provide maximum performance and require minimum space.


Producing confectioner’s quality day by day

All NBS applications are versatile, easy to handle and fast to clean. Above all, they make sure you produce baking products in best confectioner’s quality even with semi-skilled staff.


Made for daily use

The robust conveyor glazers, glazing stations, and cutting automats are made on the basis of many years of experience for daily use in sturdy bakehouses. They grant a maximum of operational safety even with changing staff. Most components can be removed without any tools and are dishwasher safe.

In person

On eye level with our bakers

Jörg Schumann, as a best trained baker and mechanical engineer is the head of NBS. With commitment, creativity, and expertise he develops and produces together with his team innovative and high quality glazing and cutting machines – for more than 20 years. All applications are tailor-made to the customers’ individual requirements.


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 NBS at the IBA 2018 

NBS at the IBA 2018

Meet us at the Trade Fair, IBA in Munich, Germany, Hall B4, Booth B4.155, 15 – 20 September 2018.

We are looking forward to your visit !

 Easy. Convenient. Monthly. 

Easy. Convenient. Monthly.

Ab sofort kommen Sie noch einfacher an Ihre neue Backtechnik.

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 Professional Duo 
 Circulation Glazingn Station 

New: Professional Duo Circulation Glazing Station

Find out more about the innovative Glazing Station for 1- to 3-man operation.

Live at the Trade Fair Südback or in the Web!

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